Venetian Masks: Video Tutorial

The venetian masks present on this site are mostly made by us and are made in paper maché following traditional venetian craftsmanship techniques.

Venetian Masks: how to make them

n the video above you will find, in addition to an view of our shop, a complete demonstration of how to make a venetian mask, in this case a face like this:

venetian masks

If you want an alternative way to create a venetian mask, you can read this article

Why this video?

Our idea is not to unveil the “tricks” and the “secrets” of the craft, which however takes years to be learned, but to give a demonstration that can help you to understand the authenticity of our work.

Furthermore, watching the video, you can realize the skills required to create a product like this.

In the video you will see no use of any machinery and no process is automated but the work follows the traditional techniques for producing venetian masks.

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