Venetian Masks: Creation of a Mold in Plaster

In the video below you will find out how to create a plaster mold that will allow you to create, starting from scratch, the classic Venetian paper-mâché masks.

As you will have understood from the video, to make the mold you need a clay model that acts as a “positive”. To build these models you have to be a sculptor.

We have entrusted to our friend and sculptor Paola Stella of  www.ithacagallery.com who made this face of Apollo located in Logetta Sansovino in St. Mark’s Square.

Why this Video?

We decided to make this video to give you a complete overview of how a Venetian mask is made.

We remind you that there is another video tutorial that explains, once the mold is made, how to make a papier-mâché mask, going through all the phases of the processing.

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