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Bautta-Moretta set

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set bautta-moretta

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Set Bautta with white decorations and Moretta with button


In this advantageous offer we propose the two most traditional Venitian masks: the Bautta and the Moretta. The first one was used by Venitians in the past during the Carnival to hide their faces and to be unrecognisable, the particular shape allowed them to drink and eat without taking off the mask. The second one, the so-called “moretta” or “Muta”, was used by the ladies who worw it by closing a button between their lips and for this reason they couldn’t speak, hence the name of “Muta”.

SIZE BAUTTA : W16  x  H18 x D14  (cm.)

SIZE MORETTA : W16  x H15  x D6 (cm)


  • Stamp of authenticity
  • Wearable product
  • Working time: 3 working days
  • Delivery time in Italy: 3 working days
  • Shipping cost in Italy: 9.90
  • Shipping costs abroad: Consult the table

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