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Mask with feathers blue

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 Mask with feathers blue 


This atististic mask is a handicraft work. The processing follow several steps. First is created the paper mache’ mask and then add the feathers one by one. There are ostrich and peacock feathers of choice. Finally, it is decorated the face in several steps.
The work of decorating with feathers is a task that requires patience and accuracy, and each feather is carefully chosen according to the form and color to give the mask the best visual impact.


                               size: W25 H70 D20 (cm)


  • Stamp of authenticity
  • Wearable product
  • Working time: 5 working days
  • Delivery time in Italy: 3 working days
  • Shipping cost in Italy: 9.90
  • Shipping costs abroad: Consult the table

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