Custom decorations

Do you want to make your mask even more unique and special ? You can choose the personalized decoration starting from the raw product.

You can indicate the colors and style you prefer or change an existing style (for example you can choose an existing decoration by changing its colors). You can send us a photo of your wallpaper, your walls, insert names and dates. You can also send us your company logo.

Here’s how you can request a Venetian mask with personalized decoration

  1. Browse our catalog of Venetian masks
  2. Choose the mask you like best
  3. Contact us to indicate the custom decoration you prefer

Does personalized decoration affect time and costs?

Not if it’s just a color change. However, personalized decorations affect time and costs and are evaluated in the analysis phase.

Is the return also valid on masks with personalized decoration?

Yes. The return is also valid for customized masks.

Choose your custom mask