Venetian masks of our store are made following a totally artisan process.

We do not use plastic, but paper mache and all stages of production are completely handmade.

Discover how the authentic venetian masks are made.

The procedure follows, mainly three phases:

  • Preparation of the rough model
  • Whitening and finishing
  • Decoration

Preparation of the rough model

Using a special paper and glue vinyl-based, rough model is created:

Over a plaster mold are put layers of paper held together by glue and pressed with fingers.

this phase, seemingly simple, is actually very delicate and if it is not used the required accuracy, the end result can not be used because the model will present irregularities and imperfections that would affect the quality of the product.

Whitening and finishing

The mask is then removed from the mold and left to dry. Once dry, always manually, are carry out the appropriate finishing such as, for example, the cutting of the holes for the eyes and the definition of the outline. Then the mask must be whitewashed to prepare the base for decoration.


The last step in the is decoration. Are used various techniques and materials depending on the result you want to obtain. There are Venetian mask decorated with different patterns and others where are used precious materials such as crystals svarowski and macramé lace.

Look our venetian masks and you will see the result of this process in our online catalog.