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Venetian Masks: history

The first document which refers to the Venetian masks dates back to the thirteenth century, but their introduction in Venice is surely antecedent. It is hypothesized that they have arrived in Venice thanks to trade with the East, and therefore long before. It almost seems that the masks have been part of the life of this city as if there had always been. The use of Venetian masks The Venetian nobility was made up .

Authentic Venetian Masks

When the tourist visits Venice and want to buy a Venetian mask, is in front of such a wide choice of quality and price, that is often disoriented and end up many times to buy products that do not belong to the true and original Venetian craftsmanship. How to distinguish what is and especially how is made an authentic venetian mask? There are three factors that characterize the true Venetian masks: MATERIALS DECORATION PRICE .