About Us

Who we are


Our business began in 2005 with the opening of a small shop in Venice in the Rialto area. From the beginning the activity, which was mainly commercial, has quickly turned into an activity almost totally handmade. The reason for this change was dictated by the need to diversify the offer and improve our venetian masks by the standards of the market.

At first the company was an individual company that is formed by one person, then with the arrival of another contributor has become a family business.

From now on, thanks to continuous research on materials and decoration techniques, our venetian masks continue to innovate, managing to propose a production of high artistic value and quality, capable of meeting the needs of customers from all over the world in a process of evolution and growth that has lasted for twenty-five years.


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Our Mission


Our goal is your satisfaction. So we strive to create an unique high quality product.
It is common, in fact, that keeps customers coming even after years from all over the world and this is reason for us to great gratification.

Why choose us

  • Custom Service 
  • Worldwide shipping
  • After Sales Support
  • Our customers are always satisfied


Through the enhancement of our website and through the quality of our products, we would like most make known our items in Italy and abroad, transforming our e-commerce in the preferred channel of sale.