Venetian Carnival Masks

The venetian carnival masks are obviously the heart and the protagonists of the venetian Carnival.

In this article we give a taste of venetian carnival masks, we explain where you can find and admire them and we provide information on the sites where you can find directions and advice on the fantastic world of venetian Carnival.

Venetian Carnival Masks (Photo Gallery)

During the Carnival period, anyone can rent a costume and show it among the streets and squares of Venice. The fulcrum of color and shapes of venetian carnival masks is located in Piazza San Marco and surroundings.

Below we publish a gallery of photos of venetian carnival masks taken precisely in that square.

We thank our friend Marco Novello for taking these wonderful images.

It is curious to observe how the characters stop and put themselves at the disposal of those who intend to photograph them. Vanity that becomes a merit for the availability to photographers.

The splendid Venice, during the Carnival days, also adorns itself with these colorful costumes and enters its most fascinating period.

The Venetian Carnival at “Gli Amici di Pierrot”

Behind a venetian carnival mask for a short moment all the human problems are canceled and only the joy and color combined with the mystery of Venice are the real protagonists.

Even our shop makes its contribution to the Carnival because with our masks we can adorn the faces of some of the most beautiful carnival costume.

As you can see, in the following picture, some people who have chosen us to personalize their costume with an our venetian mask come to our shop and it is a great satisfaction for us to meet them and see how our work has been appreciated.

venetian carnival masks

In this photo it is possible to notice the decoration of the faces with the flames realized at the request of the clients, just to match it with the costumes.

masks with flames


If you want to admire the magnificent and colorful Venice Carnival, we recommend this site:

and of course the Venice Carnival official website

Obviously if you want a mask we suggest you visit our shop or contact us.

As wearable masks, we recommend the faces that are purchased at a cost that does not exceed 50 euros. You can find faces for men, for women and you can also request a customization on the decoration (not on the shapes, which are “standard”)

We emphasize that our activity is dedicated to the creation of only venetian carnival masks and not entire costumes.

Good navigation and Happy Carnival!